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Buy-to-let... is now the time?

Times are changing, and for the buy-to-let sector things are once again evolving for the better. We are now seeing the buy-to-let market on the rise, with it continuing to outperform most major asset classes. As Britain’s rented sector continues to expand, there are signs that property investment is consolidating itself as the investment of choice.

Since the global financial crash of 2008, the UK has been in a significant housing shortage crisis and there has been a real shift in society, with the negative effects of the cost of living making renting the more attainable and affordable option for many households. 

A programme to build new homes was started by the government, and there are now more mortgage offers on the table from lenders than ever before. With many schemes available, if you have a steady income, good credit history and are looking to make an investment to start or expand your property portfolio, now could just be the perfect time for this.

Buy-to-let mortgages became a lot tougher to obtain once the country started feeling the full effects of COVID-19 and the lockdowns that followed. Deals were withdrawn by lenders, and many thought it would take years for the market to recover, Happily, recovery has happened much earlier than expected, and rates are already looking better for those with an eye on buying.

Buy-to-let properties are a once more a worthy investment. Things are looking to continue improve further in the coming years which paints a rosy picture of what the future holds for landlords and investors. The landscape may be different now, but it is by no means the doom and gloom scenario that many feared we would be facing – property remains a smart thing to put your cash into. 

But, and this is especially true of anybody just starting out in the business, make sure you do your research to know that you are investing smartly. Look into the local area and all the surroundings, talk to the experts, and get the advice of someone who knows the ins and outs. And take your time, don’t rush a big decision like this – this is one of those times where due diligence is a must.

Do things the right way, however, and you may well find yourself reaping the rewards of a smart investment that pays off. 

The biggest challenge for buy-to-let investors at this moment is securing the inventory. With the current demands in the marketplace it is becoming increasingly difficult to have an offer accepted on a property as listings are not advertised for long before a sale is agreed. This is joining agent buyers clubs is a great idea (especially when they are free!) as you will be the first to hear when new properties come to market.

We launched our VIP Buyers Club this year and our buyers club members benefit from being first in line for viewings and to be told when we list new properties. For more information on how to join, head here.

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