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You don't have to always do it yourself - our local recommendations

August 7, 2022
Essex Lifestyle
Anyone who has ever spent time scrubbing their oven shelves with Oven Brite will know it’s not the most fun job to do around the home. If you’ve ever repainted your garden fences, you’ll know it’s one of those tedious jobs that feel never-ending. If you’ve cleaned your blinds yourself, you’ll know it takes a lot more time in practice than you expect. Often jobs around the home take a long time to be done correctly and it’s jobs, like those mentioned above, which are usually neglected by home
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Top tips for finding the best school in Essex when relocating

July 11, 2022
Blog Essex Lifestyle
One of the top concerns that many families have when moving home is finding the right school for their children. So many home moves happen for this very reason, as families are keen to move closer to the catchment area of a particular school. But what happens if you find your dream house first and then need to find the best school close by? We are asked so often by our buyers, which schools we recommend and whilst we always offer honest advice to the best of our knowledge, ulti