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London? OR Essex...

Travelling between Rayleigh and London does not take long – just over an hour in the car and about 45 minutes on a train on a good day.

But while distance wise the two locations are not far apart, and it is an ideal place to live for a relatively quick commute, the cost of buying a house is dramatically different and you may find yourself taken aback when you see just how wide that financial gap is between the two areas.

We took a look at the cost of a five-bedroom house in London, in this case in the Primrose Hill area, and the cost of a house the same size here in Rayleigh and the price difference was quite remarkable.

Let’s start with the property near Primrose Hill first. It’s a 5-bedroom home that features a principal bedroom with dressing room and en-suite bathroom, four further bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, living room, dining Room and a guest cloakroom. It is based on a private road with a driveway that can fit up to four cars and a beautifully quaint, but fairly small, garden attached to the house.

Now let’s look at the Rayleigh home. This is also a five-bedroom property and it has a much bigger garden, almost double the size to the Primrose home that already comes with your very own sauna – which will ease the stress of any commute when you return home. The bedrooms are a great size, and one has a walk in wardrobe and an en-suite bathroom. You can easily fit four cars on the driveway, probably more, and did we mention is also comes with a swimming pool, a pool room, an outside toilet, a raised pond and a bar?

Going off of the description itself, it would be a fair assumption that the Rayleigh property would be more expensive. And if you know London and how much homes cost, even then you may think it may be close in overall cost. Well, you would be wrong. The London home will cost you £5,695,000 and the average mortgage cost each month would be around £22,000.

The Rayleigh home has a guide price of only £975,000 and each month you will be paying approximately £3,893- for so much more.

Commuting to London can be a chore, but with the difference in price and the extras you get just by living within an hour radius of it, that commute suddenly seems a lot more appealing…