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Our top tips for selling your home this Autumn

Our top tips for selling your home this Autumn

The sun may be making less appearances, the dark evenings may be drawing in earlier, but don’t let the arrival of Autumn make you think now is not a great time to sell your home because it most certainly is – and there are things you can do to boost your chances of getting a sale through by Christmas.

And these are things you likely will not even think of – and you can be forgiven for that as, as anyone who has ever sold a home will know, you have a million and one things to think about and staying on top of it all can be tough.

Make your home look like it matches the season

Autumn is all about making yourself feel warm while the world outside starts to cool and you can mirror this changing of seasons in your home without much cost or effort.

When potential buyers come to view the property, some simple red or brown throws, lighting up the fire (or turning on a decorative one if you have one), making sure it’s nice and warm inside if it’s a chilly day are all things that are easy to miss but are so effective at making the house feel like a home that people could start to picture themselves living in.

But don’t stop there. Scented candles are a brilliant way of creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere and it is not as if there are any shortage of fragrances to choose from – you can get even get some that are made especially for autumn scents.

And make sure that the lighting matches the environment and if you have dimmers then dim them down for the evening to make it seem as cosy as possible. And, of course, make sure you don’t have any missing bulbs – especially if the sun has already gone down as they will stand out then more than usual.

Doing the above can make all the difference, but don’t forget to keep the other important details that you need to keep track of in mind – and many need to be thought of before you even start getting the property listed.

Does the estate agent you are going with have a proven track record of knowing how to successfully market a home? Make sure they do because a simple image and a brief description will not cut it in the days where video walkthroughs of properties are becoming the norm. An estate agency that will go the extra mile should be something you get wherever you go – so check on their other listings to ensure they will do all they need to do on your behalf.

And whatever the season, make sure your property is priced correctly. Take a look at other houses in the local area and see how much they are. You don’t want to go in too high and put people off, especially if you want to be in your new home quickly, and you definitely do not want to undersell and lose out on a substantial amount of cash that could have and should have been yours.